SELECTED EXHIBITIONS > Atlanta Contemporary Art Center | 2008

Soft Morandi Collage (installation view)
Soft Morandi Collage (installation view)
Archival pigment ink on paper
110 X 110 inches (Approximately)

This wall collage was created specifically for "Mergers and Acquisitions" at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center. The show was curated by Stuart Horodner.

Mergers & Acquisitions was an exhibition that established a series of unique “calls and responses,” with artworks speaking to each other through time and across the space of our galleries. Paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, and photographs by renowned modern masters were combined with those made by consequential contemporary artists and architects. Some were borrowed from private collections in Atlanta and Birmingham, others came from artist’s studios and galleries, and a few were made on site. By combining these works, Mergers & Acquisitions offered playful and provocative affinities of form, content, and historical legacy.

A 1953 pencil drawing by Giorgio Morandi (1890-1964) presents his classic motif: an arrangement of differently-sized and -shaped bottles. An image of this spare observational work was e-mailed to Bill Albertini, an artist who uses the computer to render sequences of complex landscapes and sculptural objects. Albertini responded by creating a “soft” still life in lush gray tones, realized in the forms of a large digital collage and a limited edition print.